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                                                            WARREN RICHARDSON BIOGRAPHY


Name: Warren Lorenzo Richardson

Birthplace: Charlottesville, VA
Date of birth: 11-20-1961
Phone / FAX: 49-211-308-3709
Mobile: 49-176-6226-1954
Email: [email protected]
Nationality: American

Warren is not just a bass virtuoso but a musical multi-talent. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, his first concert that he did was at the age of 8 years old when he got the chance to sing in the band in which his father was active as a bass player. When Warren was 12 years old, he started playing bass and singing in the band "Dangerous Intersection".  The experience with Dangerous Intersection and other bands gave him the basis to begin his musical career.

1985:  Warren joined the band "Serious Business", a versatile and very talented group of musicians in which he not only played bass but also guitar, drums and keyboards.  In the same year the band released the single "Keep Your Love Alive" through an independent record label. Although the single was successful on the charts, the band left the label after numerous conflicts between the band management and label executives.  Despite this minor setback, the band moved on and won the Philadelphia "Battle of the Bands” and performed at many festivals including Baltimore, Maryland’s “Afram Festival” supporting Levert and Ray Goodman & Brown.

1987:  Warren joined the band TR3 as a bass player and singer. TR3 was a unique blend of jazz, fusion, funk, rock  and reggae. During this time, Warren learned a lot. "It was an inspiring experience and a challenge.  Tim Reynolds was the band leader and main composer and wrote very sophisticated music." To date, Tim Reynolds is Warren's favorite guitarist and bassist.

The first CD of TR3 "TR3" was published in 1988 and in 1991 followed with the next CD "Shifting Currents". The same year, Warren went on tour with  TR3 and had the opportunity to be the support band for Phish, The Radiators and Dave Matthews Band.

1987-1993:  Warren was a drummer and dancer for a professional West African dance group called “Chihamba" in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA.  During this time Chihamba did a lot of community work and had the opportunity to support LadySmith Black Mambazo.

1991: Warren was very busy this year.  While with the band Serious Business, the first CD, "Serious Business” was published. Warren wrote most of the songs for this CD. The mix of R & B, dance and rap, at the time was very typical, very good reviews.

1992: Warren joined “Burning Core”. "Burning Core", a rap, funk, rock, and vocal band, Warren believes that this band was ahead of its time. Before Warren had heard of bands like Limp Biskit, Rage Against The Machine and Blink182, Burning Core was laying down rap, funk and rock together. The innovative combination proved very successful.  Burning Core supported Dave Matthews Band and Public Enemy in this year. One of the songs "One Kingdom" was on a promotional CD of the Music Business Industries magazine in the U.S.

1993 Warren moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. There, he sang and played bass for the established New York band "Just Us". The band had been working hard. "We had 4-6 performances per week for a long time. "It was hard work, but absolutely a great time and learning experience. Warren was with "Just Us” for a total of three years.

1996: Warren passed an audition for the international stage show “STOMP”. He would start in New York for 1 month and then went to the U.S. tour for 2 years.

1998. Warren was sent to Europe and toured with “STOMP” in Europe and throughout the world.  Warren was appointed Rehearsal Director of the European Tour for 5 years and then on occasion.  Warren stopped performing with “STOMP” in March of 2009.

However, his musical goals were not over. Since 1998, he lives in Germany and has made himself a name as a respected musician and composer.

2001: Warren wrote and recorded the music for the the dance piece “4 Enemies". The show was performed at Folkwang Hochschule in Essen.

2004: Warren auditioned for and joined the alternative rock band "Sunmerge" as well as playing bass guitar for television performances with Marianne Rosenberg and Shazney Lewis of the Girl Group "All Saints".

2005: Warren passed and audition for “Kris Pohlmann Band”. "I got a call from an Englishman who told me that he was looking for a bass player. We met and played a few songs and it felt good. The music was fresh with lots of groove and it was a dynamic energy that I had not experienced before in any band”. Since then, Warren has become an integral part of the band.

2006 & 2008:  Wrote music and choreography for two scenes of a Theater production in Worms, Germany at the Nibelungen Spiel Fest.  An edited version of the play "Siegfried" was performed by 40 young people from 12-19 years old.

2007 & 2008: STOMP and Percussion Workshop for "Boys Day" at the Marie-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf.

2007: Joined professional gospel group "Randall Taylor & Revelation playing bass guitar and singing extensively throughout Germany.

2008: Joined professional gospel group "Chicago Glory” and sang extensively throughout Germany.

2009/10: Joint music and dance project with Carlinhos Bata working by the “Culture & School Landsprogram”. The project is called "Rhythm & Movement". We worked with teens in a high school in Leverkusen and a elementary school in Leverkusen. We also gave workshops.

2009/10: Began to teach "Body Percussion with Movement" at the Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf and also give workshops with “Body Percusssion with Movement”.

2009: Kris Pohlmann Band won first place for "Best Blues Band 2009" by the German Pop & Rock Contest . Kris Pholmann Band also released a new CD called "New Resolution".

2010: STOMP workshop for "Girls Day" at the Marie-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf.

2010: Body Percussion Workshop for the “Youth Dance Project” at the Tanzhaus  NRW in Düsseldorf.

2010: Body Percussion with Movement and Percussion workshop for “Boys Day” at the Marie-Gymnasium in Düsseldorf.

2010: Special Choreography for the youth theater project “Parzinal” in Köln, Germany.

2010:  Body Percussion with Movement Workshop for a youth theater project in Trier, Germany.

2010: Joined Irish/Folk band “Craggy Island” as bass player and singer.  Currently performing  throughout Germany.

2010: Week long Body Percussion with Movement Workshop at Folkwang University in Essen-Werden, Germany.

2010: Special Body Percussion Workshop for “Spielwiese” month at Folkwang University in Essen-Werden, Germany.

2010/11: Body Percussion, Music (small percussion instruments) and Dance Movement class given at Kronprinzenschule (Düsseldorf), Südallee Gesamtschule (Düsseldorf) and Kerschensteinerschule (Leverkusen).  Südallee and Kerschensteinerschule is through the “Kultur und Schule Landsprogramm NRW”.

2011:  Body Percussion, Music (small percussion instruments) and Dance Movement class given at St. Christophorusschule (Düsseldorf).

2011: Special Body Percussion Workshop for “Spielwiese” month at Folkwang University in Essen-Werden, Germany.

2011:  Recorded bass guitar and vocals on  a CD titled "One For Sorrow" with Kris Pohlmann Band. 

2012:  Choreographed a 2 minute Body Percussion piece for a theater project with teenies in a High School in Solingen.

2012:  Special Body Percussion Workshop for 30 people from Bayer Leverkusen Corporation. 

2012:  Week long Body Percussion/Rhythm Workshop at Folkwang University in Essen-Werden, Germany. 

2012:  Adult Body Percussion Workshop for RAG TANZ (Rheinische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tanz) in Wuppertal (5 hour workshop).

2012:  Body Percussion/Percussion Workshop in Geldern, Germany at the Don-Bosco Schule for physically and mentally handicaped kids.

2012:  Body Percussion/Percussion/Dance Movement Workshop in Bonn, Germany for 30 people at The Cocoon Dance-Junior Company.

2012:  Body Percussion/Rhythm/Dance Movement Workshop in Düren, Germany for the Job Act School in connection with Projektbrik in Witten, Germany.  This group performed the piece "Closer" which was directed by Uwe John.

2012:  Kris Pohlmann Band wins first place in 4 categories of Blues Music at the Deutsche Rock & Pop Contest held in Wiesbaden, Germany.

2013/14:  Intensive STOMP, Rhythm and Movement Workshop at TANZMOTO Dance Studio in Essen-Kettwig. These workshops were 2 days each for 5 hours each day.

2013: Special performance with percussion done with me and 2 other people at the 3rd Kultur Nacht in Gelsenkirchen. 

2014:  Take-Off Dance Project at Tanzhaus NRW together with Kofie and Ray Boom.  Kofie and Ray Boom are world class Hip-Hop performers and teachers.

2013/14:  4th year at Kerschensteinschule in Leverkusen which resulted in a great performance by the kids at the end of the school year.

2014: Joined Blues, Country & Pop Cover Band: Cottonfields 

2014/15: Music, Rhythm & Movement Class at Stadt Beruf Kolleg Leverkusen.  Video and Photo Presentation.

2015: 3 STOMP, Music & Movement Workshops (Emmerich, Dusseldorf and Kleve) for RAG TANZ.

2015/16: Music, Rhythm & Movement Class at Stadt Beruf Kolleg Leverkusen. Music and Literature Merged

2015/16: Music, Rhythm & Movement Class at Regenbogenschule Leverkusen.


Apart from music, Warren enjoys spending time with his family. He is also enjoys:  Martial Arts (Wing-Chun), Rock Climbing, Sky Diving, Bicycling, Basketball, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Billiard Games, Board Games, Ping Pong, Watching Films and relaxing!.