Music and Movement Workshop World         

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                                                         MUSIC AND MOVEMENT WORKSHOP WORLD

Music and Movement Workshop World is a grand collection of fun and exposure to a different approach to music, rhythm and movement.  The elements are original ideas with inspiration from a lifetime of singing, playing (instruments), drumming, African Dance and drumming, STOMP, experimentation, song writing, recording and collaboration of musical ideas with other musicians and artist.


The strong point is FUN!......  but there is so much more to gain from allowing me to give a workshop for you by way of all of the elements I mentioned.  Some concentration, creativity, leading, following and being spontaneous is also involved.  You get to learn about yourself by way of coordination, individual work ethic, group work ethic, what your limits are, what you capacity is for accepting something new, how patient or inpatient you may be, how inspiring you can be, how you can be a motivator or innovator.


It is only beneficial for your school, university, organization or group on a social level as well.  So, get involved, have some fun, gain some perspective and learn something in a warm atmosphere where everyone is equal without egos and where there is no reason to be shy, bashful or ashamed to have loads of FUUUUUUUUN!!


Warren Richardson